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Key features

Tournament management

You don’t need to be an experienced manager to use our online tool. Take control of your tournaments and manage them in a safe and transparent way. No more Excel sheets, pen & paper.

League management

Manage singles - and team leagues using Cuescore. Detailed match information with both team - and individual score. Get rid of match cards and let the team captain be scorekeeper on his/her mobile phone.

Publishing tool & Cuescore Page

A portal to all your activity on Cuescore. Easy to publish brackets/schedules, tournament history, tournament calendar, rankings, news & articles. Your players, audience and media will appreciate it!

Digital scoreboard app

Professionalize your events with this game changing feature! Digital scoreboards let players keep track of their score. Brackets and stream overlay is automatically updated in realtime.

Graphics for livestream

Get pro look and feel of your livestreams! Connect your tournaments/leagues to an online broadcast. Present statistics, scores and match info using our stream overlay in your preferred streaming software.

Pay & Play

Save time and secure your entry fees by using Pay&Play. This is an online payment solution with great advantages for those who has the opportunity to use online payment. Connect your Cuescore account to Pay&Play and get instant overview of payments and registrations, simple as that.

Irish Blackball Association

"CUESCORE is a revolution in the running of everything billiards pool. It's the complete system, from tournament brackets, results, player stats and rankings at touch of a button. Look no further if you are a tournament organizer; From local league competitions to world championships, Cuescore got you covered. Highly recommended to all. The customer service and support team is unparalleled."

John Maher

IBA Media Officer

Norwegian Billiard Federation

"We started using CueScore in september 2015, and so far we couldn't be happier. CueScore has revolutionized the way to run tournaments and additionally we get a nice overview of results and rankinglists. We highly recommend other organizations to start using CueScore."

Robert Gelin Rysjedal

President, The Norwegian Billiards Federation
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