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Irish Blackball Association

"CUESCORE is a revolution in the running of everything billiards pool. It's the complete system, from tournament brackets, results, player stats and rankings at touch of a button. Look no further if you are a tournament organizer; From local league competitions to world championships, Cuescore got you covered. Highly recommended to all. The customer service and support team is unparalleled."

John Maher

IBA Media Officer

Norwegian Billiard Federation

"The Norwegian Billiard Federation started using CueScore in late 2015 and we are very pleased with how it works. CueScore has revolutionized the way we manage tournaments with its modern interface, comprehensive functionality and easy to read brackets, results and ranking lists.
We recommend any other organizations to use CueScore."

Robert Gelin Rysjedal

President, Norwegian Billiard Federation

Key features

Easy tournament management

We've spent a lot of time making the system easy to use and as efficient as possible for you as a tournamentleader or a player. Stuff like seeding and making a draw is as easy as a click of a button. All you have to do is invite the participants!

Many tournament formats

CueScore supports all common brackets, and has room for a lot of players. Choose your preferred tournament format and get rolling.

Online registration

Register by using the form below, or login using your Facebook account and get going in seconds. Easy as that..

Live score & results

Every tournament has its own link, share it with your friends to promote the tournament, and let them follow the action as it plays out. They can even cheer their players on in the chatroom! :)

Ranking system

Connect tournaments to a rankinglist and it will be immediately updated when your tournament is finished!

Player profiles

Every player gets their own profile-page which includes (in addition to info about the player..) every tournament he/she has played, or has entered in the future. You can also see how it's going for him on the rankinglists, and other statistics.

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