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Create better Billiard Tournament & Leagues. Faster.
«Cuescore really set the standard and made cue sports easy to access and follow. It’s very clean and professional, and allows organizers to organize very easy and follow tournaments with ease. Players can set a profile up and track all results over the year and beyond.. it’s simply the best for organizers and players and fans worldwide.»

CueScore Pro core features

Get your own organization page with administration tools and gather data about your tournaments, rankings, members and leagues. Optimize your workflow using tablet scoreboards and ensure & secure registration fees with online payments.

With CueScore Pro you get your own organization added to CueScore. Everything you do will be linked to the organization page with easy access to all tournaments, rankings, latest results, calendar and more.

You get your own administration panel, loaded with functionality, where you can switch between the organization and your private account.

The Pro-access can of course be shared with other organization members.

CueScore Pro includes:
  • Your own organization page

  • Pro dashboard

  • Digital scoreboard functionality

  • Team league

  • Online payment

  • Handicap management

  • News/Articles

  • Membership module

  • Custom point system

  • Season calendar

  • Unlimited bracket access

  • Priority support

CueScore Pro
CueScore Pro

Digital scoreboards

Live-score has never been easier. With CueScore Pro you get true Live-score from your tournaments, using tablets.

Assign a tablet to the table and let players keep track of scores in real-time, frame by frame.

Real-time scores is much appreciated by the audience. Put livescore on you live-stream by using our streaming overlay feature.

Detailed knowledge of match progress makes time management easier, which is highly valued by players and tournament directors.

CueScore Pay & Play

Simplify, streamline, secure and professionalize your tournaments with online payment of entry fees.

Online signup and payment of entry fees gives several advantages. No need to keep track of who has paid. Money is safely transferred to your bank account. The risk of losing money on no-shows is eliminated. In tournaments with limited spots, players will rush to sign up as the tournament is filling up and the prize money is secured.

In case you for some reason don't have access to pay entry fee yourself, any other person can do it for you.

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Team Leagues

Manage all your team leagues easily in CueScore.

Manage your team leagues on local, regional or national level.
CueScore Pro gives you full access to manage team tournaments with no limitations on duration.

The team captains can choose players and assign scores for the individual matches. When the league manager approves the team score, the standings table is immediately updated.

On the team page, the next match on the schedule is shown, with all necessary details.

News / Articles

Promote your events and publish news with articles created in CueScore.

With the implementation of the news editor you can manage all your information in CueScore.
Link it to players and tournaments and make your read more interesting, backed up by information already in CueScore.
By using the article functionality you keep all history related to your organization, players and tournaments easy accessible.

The articles can easily be shared on social media with a nice layout.

Handicap management

Create as many handicap lists as you want, and make use of them in your tournaments.

When using a handicap list in your tournament, all the players participating are automatically added to the HCP list.
You can manage their handicap directly in the tournament or you can do it in the dashboard.

The handicap is displayed behind the players name in all matches throughout the tournament.

CueScore Pro
CueScore Pro
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