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October 25 - October 26, 2024



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Starts Oct 25, 2024, 10:00 AM Until Oct 26, 2024 (local time)
Organizer Balkan Billiard Association
Contact Muhammed Çuni (, +38348300028)
Format Double to Single elimination (80 Participants)
Race to 7
Handicap No handicap
Dresscode ATTENTION !!!
Please read the Dress Code terms carefully. no more exceptions will be made.

collared T-shirt, regardless of sleeve length and colour. The use of a short-sleeved T-shirt is permitted, with another long-sleeved one underneath. T-shirts without a collar are not allowed, nor is playing with sweatshirts, sweaters, etc.
- dark formal trousers - participation in cargo shorts, jeans, cut-offs, etc. is not permitted. Trousers must not have eyelets, chains etc. Women are allowed to play in a dark formal skirt that covers the knees.
- belts are mandatory for men and juniors.
- formal or sports shoes made of leather or leather-like material - no bright or patterned trainers or flip-flops allowed. Sports shoes are only allowed when they are all black with absolutely no other colours on them.
(2) Listed competitors must play wearing a club t-shirt. The collared t-shirt must be that of the club that the player is listed with. The shirt cannot be a plain collared shirt without the logo of the club being represented. An exception may be made for the first tournament of the year only.
(3) The use of headphones or earplugs during a match is strictly prohibited.
(4) The use of electronic cigarettes during a match is strictly prohibited.
(5) The use of mobile devices during a match is strictly prohibited.
More info
Please read the REGULATIONS

The finalists of each BBA tournament receive the following prizes:
(1) 1st , 2nd and 3rd place medals
(2) Special trophy for 1st place
(3) Finalists receive a WILD CARD for participation in the Euro Tour provided by BBA's partner EPBF, which covers the next Euro Tour free of charge.
(4) Finalists also receive a 2-night Hotel accommodation provided by BBA. They will only need to cover their transport costs.
(5) If the finalists of the tournament have not paid 50 euros per year and are not registered, the two places for the Euro Tour are determined by the BBA board.
Price of registration card for a competitor valid for 1 year - €50
the entry fees for registered players are as follows:
- Men member - €50, Partner Member – €100, Non-member - €200
- Juniors under 19 years - €30, Partner Member - €60 – Non-member €100
- juniors under 12 yrs. – Free, Partner Member – Free, Non-members – Free
- women - €30, Partner Member - €60, Non-member - €100
- wheelchair - €30, Partner Member - €30, Non-member €30

- ) A registered competitor is any competitor who is on the list of a BBA member and has paid a one-off annual registration fee to the BBA in the amount of €50 set by the BBA Board.
(2) A competitor who does not appear on the BBA lists but appears on the list of a BBA member and is registered there but not with the BBA shall pay an entry fee for the tournament of €100, not participate in the BBA ranking and shall earn 80% of the prize money and shall not benefit from additional agreements and prizes provided by the BBA.
(3) A competitor who is not registered neither with a member of the BBA nor with the BBA itself, may enter the tournaments with an entry fee of €200 and will not participate in the BBA ranking, shall receive 50% of the prize money and shall not benefit from additional agreements and prizes provided by the BBA.
(4) Fees shall be paid by a date determined by the BBA Board. The date for this year is 20.01.2024. After this date, payment is impossible.
(5) Payment for the registration of a player of €50 is made only by bank transfer to the following account until 20.01.2024.
IBAN: BG45BUIN95611000680411


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