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June 29, 2022

Grand Final Wednesday Night Ranking League


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Starts Jun 29, 2022, 7:00 AM (local time)
Format Round robin (16 Participants)
Handicap With handicap
Organizer Showman Pool Events
More info
🎱 7pm Prompt Start
🎱 Tables free from 6pm
🎱 4 groups of 4
🎱 Every Frame is worth a point and a Ranking point
🎱 4 frames a match (3 if handicapped)
🎱 Group Winners ONLY qualify for Ko.
🎱 If Points are level Head to Head then Blackball Shoot out.
🎱 Semis and Final best of 3's.

Weekly Prize
1st £40 R/Up £20 S/F £10
1 Framer
£16 winner takes all.

GRAND FINALS (top 16 & seeded)
Same format as the weeks.
£100 Winner + Trophy
£50 R/UP
£30 SF
£20 2nd in group
£15 3rd in group
£10 4th in group


The draw has not been made yet.


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