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Scoreboards with Android tablets

Dec 16, 2022

How to get a a nice, clean kiosk setup for your Android scoreboards?

If you are using a tablet scoreboard setup for live-scoring with our platform, you have probably had some situations where players have closed the browser or in some other way "lost" the scoreboard from the tablet.

Most problems can easily be solved with a kiosk setup and we want to share our setup used on the US Open 9-ball.

Fully kiosk software

A nice thing with this kiosk software is that you do not need to log in with a user on the tablet to download from Play store. You simply download the installation file from the Fully home page and allow for it to be installed.

The file to download can be found by entering the link in the tablet's browser and scrolling down to the footer. Then click the Download APK link.

We used the stand alone kiosk setup file - Fully Kiosk Browser APK ver. 1.49.1 


After download there are some settings that should be configured. To get access to settings when you have started the app, swipe from left into the screen (see picture above). We have change the following settings:

Web content settings -> Start url -> Enter the scoreboard start url including the code.
Example (the code specific for that table)

Web auto reload  -> "Delete cache on auto reload" set to ON

Advanced Web settings -> "Enable form auto complete" Set to OFF

Toolbars and appearance -> "Show Action bar in settings" Set to ON

Device management -> "Launch on boot" Set to ON

Other settings -> "Show Menu hint on start" Set to OFF

With this setup, the tablet should now open the Fully app with the correct scoreboard link when you power it up, just be a little patient.

Other kiosk setups will probably work just as well, or maybe even better, but we have found no reason to replace Fully for the use we have.

To make sure you get a stable wifi connection for each tablet, make sure to swipe for settings and then "Go to start url" when the tablet is located at the table.


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