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D15 Cuesports Academy Ireland

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D15 Blackball Series!

Nov 28, 2019 John Maher

D15 Blackball Series

A DemObo production in association

with D15 Cuesports Academy,Mulhuddart,Dublin

(Organizers: Stevie Dempsey, Conor O Boyle)

The Format:

Blackball Rules 🎱

Straight Knockout


Race: Depends on the handicaps of both players

(*Please see handicap Matrix posted in comments below)

Handicaps and races may be changed at the organizers discretion in the interest of fairness.

Race Example:

A vs A = Race to 10

C vs C = Race to 8

The draw will be split into 2 depending on players handicaps. So, if we get 64 players entered then the strongest 32 players will go into one half and won’t be able to meet the weakest 32 players until the final. This is designed to give all levels a fairer chance of winning cash and cuts down on the number of matches where big handicaps will come into play.



Event 1: Weekend of February 8th

Event 2: Weekend of March 7th

Event 3: Weekend of April 25th

Event 4: Weekend of June 6th

Grand Final: TBC


💶Tiered entry Fees:

€50 to €80 depending on handicap level plus €5 green fees per player

10% Discount for anyone who enters all 4 events and pays up front for all 4.

€20 Optional Side pot, 100% payout of side pots.

Entrance Fees accepted on the day of the tournament.

*To enter, just comment below and Stevie or Conor will confirm your entry into the tournament.

Tournament entry will be capped at 128 players.

We would like to run this over a Saturday and Sunday but if required we may play on Friday evening also. It depends on the interest we get. If 64 players ,we will try run on the one day


🏆Grand Final Eligibility:

If you play in a minimum of 3 of the first 4 events, then you are eligible to play the Grand Final at normal entry fees.

If you play in 2 out of the first 4 events, then you must play double the standard fee if you wish to play the Grand Final.

If you play in 1 out of first 4 events, then you must pay triple the standard entry fee if you wish to play the Grand Final.



100% Payout. %Entry payments held back to boost the Grand Final Payouts. See below for prize structure.

Stevie Dempsey and Conor O Boyle have put this whole concept together alongside tournament host, D15 Cuesports Academy's Gerard Duggan.

This series is designed to inject new life into the Irish Blackball scene with an innovative handicapped tournament structure played on the 10 Supreme Pool tables, the best LED lighting and the best ball-sets on the market, Aramith ProCups.

D15 is the largest venue in Dublin and will welcome all to experience this fantastic competition series


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