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Tournament management - Time to get lazy

Feb 22, 2019 Jan Otto Weberg and Jan Thomassen

A general goal is probably to organize a professional tournament with minimum efforts. We'd like to give some general advice on how to achieve that by using Cuescore.

A lot of the "Cuescore tournament managers" have already taken a few steps to simplify organizing tournament and leagues, but we notice quite a few could make life easier for themselves.

1. Plan tournaments
Publish your tournament(s) on up front (at least 3-4 weeks)
Include entry deadline for each tournament, so that you can tell when the draw will be done. Most sports operate with a deadline, to have some time for planning. Why should pool be any different?

2. Promote the event and ask the players to sign up
Spread the word about the event and link to the tournament page on Cuescore for signup.

"Players are to lazy", "They don't know how to sign up"....yeah, we have heard it a lot of times. But maybe they are not lazy, maybe they are just doing what they are used to, without thinking of the extra work and stress for the tournament managers. By making it easy to do the signup themselves it will probably not take long before players get used to do it. But we all know that guy who fight hard against it. :-)

Stop managing signups from facebook, sms, mail and similar. You are just creating a lot of work for yourself.

3. Do the draw
As soon as the entry date is reached, you can do the draw and plan matches (time and table).

4. Tournament day
Not very much to do now, except to start the first matches and do the scorekeeping.

Advanced users and Pro functionality

5. Pro Page
With the Pro account a unique Pro page for your club/organization is included. On this page there is a calendar and full tournament list. Planning well ahead and you can share all upcoming events by sharing the link to your Pro page.

Players can then plan accordingly and sign up to your events.

If players follow your page, they will get notifications when you publish new tournaments, when the draw is done, articles/news published and other relevant information.

6. Pay & Play
Include Pay & Play to secure the entry fees.***
Get rid of the "No shows" and secure the prize money.
Simplify the administration of payments. You do not have to keep track of missing payments.

*** Check the availability of Pay&Play for your country.

7. Tablet scoreboards - a step toward tournaments managing themselves
Investing in a few tablets can really make the difference. You will suddenly be among the most professional Tournament managers and most will not be disturbed when you try to get a cup of coffee.
Suddenly you also feel less stress when something unexpected requires your attention.

Tablets can be bought for as little as 50-70 Euros, as this functionality only requires wifi and a browser. It does not require much of the CPU.

The most effective people are the lazy ones! Always looking for easier and better ways to do things.






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