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Swedish Billiards Federation chooses Cuescore

Swedish Billiards Federation announces a five-year agreement with CueScore.

We are proud to announce that we have signed a 5 year agreement with the Swedish Billiards Federation (SBF), as the supplier of scoring services and tournament administration.

Several clubs in Sweden already use CueScore for club competitions, as well as the carambole section for all national ranking competitions.
Cuescore is very pleased that all the Swedish national events in pool, snooker and carambole will be hosted by Cuescore, starting with the upcoming season 2019/20.

SBF has considered several alternative solutions - including developing their own system, but found Cuescore to be the best alternative.

Quote from the SBF announcement:
"Besides being a state-of-the-art competition administration system, Cuescore offers the most comprehensive support and the most professional administration, at a competitive price."

The agreement with SBF includes a Cuescore Premium setup and Cuescore Pro accounts for all the clubs organizing competitions.

Quote from the SBF announcement:
"This is perhaps the most positive effect of the switch to CueScore: the potential to gather all Swedish activities in one place, in one and the same competition system."

We are looking forward to cooperate with the Swedish Billiards Federation.


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