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Score registration by team captains

Aug 30, 2019 Jan Otto Weberg

Are you managing team competitions and want to simplify the score registration? You might find this information useful. :-)

A lot of team competitions are played without league managers present at every match. To make the score registration more effective we introduced the "Captain access" about two years ago. Last week we updated the functionality and here is a quick look into it.

The functionality requires the following:
1. It must be a team competition with individual matches.

2. The team must have the individual players added, and one of them must be set as "Captain".

3. The Captain must have a Cuescore login.

4. Team matches must be planned (date/time) and you're good to go.

You'd probably also want to activate the "Disable all match setup changes after draw" (in the settings). This way, the Captains can only choose players, register score and finish up the individual matches.

What will happen is:
1. On the date of the team match, both Captains will have access to their teams individual matches.
(Lets now say the "Home-Captain" is responsible for keeping scores.)

2. The home Captain then "open" the team match and choose the players for the individual matches.

3. He/she can then enter scores live, frame by frame, or the final result and then finish the match.

4. This is repeated for each individual match.

5. The competition manager can then check the individual matches and finish the team match.

5. The individual matches can be edited until the competition manager has finished the Team match.***

As most players have access to a smartphone, this has proven to be a very effective way of registering scores for team competitions.

*** Functionality for automatically finishing the team match when the last individual match is finished will be added later.


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