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Rating system for the Norwegian Billiards Federation

NB + Cuescore platform = New opportunities

The idea of a rating system implemented in Cuescore has been in our minds from the very start and we have had an ongoing dialogue with the Norwegian Billiards Federation (NB) and others about it for the last 2-3 years.

To make any sense, a rating calculation requires a certain amount of data to establish a reasonably solid rating. Full tournament history of official events in Norway going back to 2015 is a good foundation. Looking into the numbers we found this essential need covered, with a lot of players with 150+ official matches registered.

With enough data, the long term plan of introducing player rating in Norway could finally be set to action. Last year they made a decision to start the development and introduction of an official "Norwegian rating" for all licensed players.

During the last 8-12 months, tests and development of the rating system has been an ongoing project and we have now reached the point where we together with the Norwegian Billiards Federation have decided to make it official. You can read their official statement here.
Here's a direct link to the official ratings for Pool, Snooker and Carom.

It's an ELO based system calculating the rating from the match result. Depending on the difference of the two players rating number, rating points are calculated from expected/unexpected result according to a matrix.

Transparency has been a key word in the process and is reflected in the official Norwegian Rating with a link to every player's matches, used for calculating his/her rating number. Click a player name to see the entire match history. Every calculation, rating points earned/lost, is presented together with the opponents rating. Here's an example with Norwegian player Mats Brujordet Schjetne, rated number 1 in Norwegian pool.

Sub-ratings are part of setup and you can filter for regions and classes (gender, region and age).

Feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions about the rating system.



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