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Bonus points based on match result

Feb 13, 2019 Jan Otto Weberg

The round robin and league format now include the possibility for bonus points for both winner and loser of a match.

A new feature has recently been added for the league and Round Robin format.

We've had several requests from users managing leagues about an option to award bonus points based on match result.

With the new feature it's possible for a player to get extra points depending of the result of a match. In the tournament / league settings you can now define your own bonus point system.

The bonus points will show up in the standings table as "Bonus". The Points column calculates the total points.


If you play a 13 frame match, you might want to give a bonus point(s) to the winner if he wins 10 frames or more. (Result 10-3)

Same for the loser if the score is 5 frames or more.

You can achieve this by adding bonus points for "Frame wins" both for winner (>=10) and loser (>=5).

For team leagues where individual mathes is part of the setup, the bonus points are calculated for the Team match, not individual matches.


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