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Merseyside Open @ PSD

Aug 29, 2023 Josh Kilworth and PSD Sports

In a thrilling display of precision and skill, local pool enthusiasts gathered on the Bank Holiday weekend to compete in a riveting tournament that saw Joshua Traynor emerge as the ultimate champion. The event, held in the heart of Merseyside at PSD Sports Lounge, brought together players from the region's bustling pool community for a day of intense competition and camaraderie.


Traynor's journey to victory was marked by a series of remarkable victories that showcased his exceptional pool prowess. In his first round, Traynor had to face off against Semi-Finalist of the Super 16, Chris O'Hare, in a close 7-6 victory. Following this, Traynor secured victories by no less than 3 frames, highlighting just how prominent he was on the day.


Traynor's next ultimate challenge was in the semi-finals, where he faced off against Jamie Jones. Jones is known predominantly as a top-class snooker player, but when transitioning to the pool table his positional play is dominant. Despite his exceptional quality, Traynor was able to dispatch Jones in a thrilling 8-5 victory.


In a gripping final showdown, Traynor faced off against Dave Arnold. The final match proved to be a showcase of Traynor's exceptional abilities as he dominated the table. With a final score of 7-3, Traynor saw out the victory, securing his well-deserved title as the champion of the Merseyside Open.


Traynor stood as a testament to the dedication and hard work required to excel in the world of competitive pool. His triumphant journey from knocking out a semi-finalist of the Super 16 tournament and ultimately emerging victorious against Dave Arnold in the final showcased his remarkable skill and determination.


With the closure of the Merseyside Open, a special thanks is needed to Anna Stewart who was the tournament organiser for the event and ran one of the smoothest pool tournaments we've seen. Pool players are often left waiting hours for next frames, but the operation of the event by Anna, along with the beautiful PSD Sports Lounge venue, let to a well-organised and competitive event.


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