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Highly Anticipated Semi-Finals of "Super 16" Tournament: Chris Ohare vs. Rob Dagnall

Aug 24, 2023 Josh Kilworth and PSD Sports

Pool enthusiasts are eagerly counting down the hours as the "Super 16" tournament reaches its semi-final stage, setting the stage for an intense match between Chris Ohare and Rob Dagnall. With their clinical finishing abilities, this showdown promises to be a heart-pounding battle that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Both players have demonstrated exceptional prowess in their journey to the semi-finals. Ohare and Dagnall's clinical approach to their finishes has been a standout feature of their gameplay throughout the tournament. Their ability to calmly and precisely close out games under pressure has earned them well-deserved spots in this high-stakes clash.

The anticipation for this match is further heightened by the streaming coverage across popular platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. This multi-platform approach ensures that fans worldwide can tune in to witness the excitement unfold in real-time. You can find the links to the streams below:




As the players rack up and the tension mounts, it's clear that Ohare and Dagnall are prepared to leave it all on the table. The semi-finals of the "Super 16" are poised to deliver an electrifying display of skill, strategy, and nerve as these two contenders vie for a spot in the tournament's grand finale.


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