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Go all the way with your skills

Mar 10, 2020 Kym0 Biddulph

Challenge an opponent on Cuescore and we will stream it.

Challenging an opponent on is easy.

Just search for their name while logged in as yourself, once you find them just click on the challenge button in the top right-hand corner.


Setup the match as required making sure of the:




Venue = CityHeroes Burwood

Table = either #2 or #3

Matchstatus = Playing

Match setup page


Once saved the match will be created and will have a scoreboard available for you to score your match, and then we will be able to overlay your scores in the stream as you update them yourselves during your match.

Match Page

Click on the "scoreboard" button in the top left of the match page to do your scores


Give kym0 the details (URL) of the scoreboard/overlay of your match on - it is in the menu on the top right of the scoreboard page.


I need the URL of this page to stream your match with a scoreboard


Also, will keep your sats and add them to your profile whenever a challenge match is completed along with all of your PoolNSW tournament stats.


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