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Rack N Roll In-House Handicap 9 Ball Event Series Details

Jun 3, 2019 Keith Walkerdine

Details of the handicap system, dates and grand finals.

During the course of this year I will be running a series of in-house 9 ball handicap tournaments. These will only be open to league players current and former, as well local players only.

Entry fee will be £12 for each tournament (£10 in the pot & £2 admin fee)

These tournaments will all be double elimination up to the knockout stage and winner breaks through out.

A field of 25 to 32 will be double elimination up to last 16. A field of 17 to 24 will be double elimination to last 8. A field of 16 or less will be double elimination to last 4.

This handicap system used will be a two to twelve system.

Each player will be given a handicap between 2 and 12. If a player is given 6 handicap for instance then they have to win 6 racks no matter who they play. This works the same for each handicap in winning the amount of racks that your handicap is set at.

The only difference to this will be if a 2 player plays another 2 player they will race to 4. If a 3 player plays another 3 player they will race to 5. If a 4 player plays another 4 player they will race to 5. If an 8 player plays an 8 player they will race to 7 and same will go if 9 player plays a 9 player then a race to 7 also. If 10 players plays a 10 they will race to 8 and same if two 11 players play each other. If 12 player plays another 12 they will race to 9. If 12 player plays a 9 player they will race to 11.

The handicaps are subject to change between tournaments. Any changes will based on league form and how well you may or may have not done in tournaments in between the handicap tournaments (including the last handicap tournament).

There will be 8 events and a grand finals day as well at the end of the year where money will be added by the club to the grand finals day.

The grand finals will be limited to 16 players. To qualify the winners of each event will qualify for the grand finals and then the next 8 highest players on the rankings list (excluding the winners of any event). In the instance of the same person winning multiple events, then another spot will go to those qualifying through the rankings. In the event any player who has qualified cannot make the date, then another spot will be offered to the next person on the rankings list. The grand finals will be seeded with the 8 winners been seeded 1 to 8 based on their ranking order and then the following 8 will be seeded 9 to 16 based on their ranking order. This will also be free for all those that qualify.

Those qualified so far through winning the events are Ben Moore, Nigel Webb, Apostolos Spanelis and Steve Strawhorn.

Here are the dates for the handicap series 2019.

Event 1 – Sunday 17th February

Event 2 – Sunday 17th March

Event 3 – Sunday 5th May

Event 4 – Sunday 2nd June

Event 5 – 21st July

Event 6 – August TBC

Event 7 – September TBC

Event 8 – October TBC

Grand Finals Day – November/December TBC


Prize fund at each tournament based on full field of 32 is as follows.

Winner = £110

Runner Up = £60

Semi Final = £35

Quarter Finals = £20


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