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New Summer season 2022 starts Tuesday 10th May

Mar 21, 2022 Keith Walkerdine

Details for the the new summer season.

The Summer Season 2022 will start on Tuesday 10th May. The games each week will start from 6.45pm onwards.

If you wish to enter then please contact league & tournament organiser Keith via text on 07917607276 or email

Please give your first and last name and your interest in the league and I will get back to you. There may be only limited spaces in each division. So depending on your divisional ability, then there may not be a space available. But please still put your name down as spaces can become available up to opening night.

Please make sure you can commit to being there every week (as this is a Tuesday night league only) or that you do not miss too many Tuesday nights over the course of the season. As this not fair on your fellow players turning up if you cannot or if you were drop out during the season.

The entry fee is £50 for the season. The entry fees paid in each division will cover all prize money for that division. £25 payment (or partial payment for current players) will need to be paid by 26th April before the season begins to secure your place. Once this date has passed no entry fees will be refunded. The second half of the entry (full balance) will ideally be paid ASAP or by the half way point. All entry fees would need to be paid no exceptions.

If you drop out for any reason after the first week then any entry fee owed will be due instantly. If this isn’t paid then unfortunately you will not be allowed to enter any league or tournaments until it is cleared.

The game fee is £3 table/light fee per player each game. This goes to the club. This is due each game played.

Remember fixtures on the website are just a guideline and subject to change, so unless you hear directly from Keith always assume you have a game. If you cannot make it on any week then please inform me by 5.30pm or you may forfeit your match if you don’t. If you are running late then please inform me by 6pm please.

We have three divisions currently but we could revert back to four divisions depending on numbers for the new season.

The League Cup is a straight knockout format this season.

The Mick Walkerdine Cup will be for the players that are in divisions three and four (or some players division 2 if only 3 divisions). You will be able to find the draw under the Mick Walkerdine Cup section.

League format will be as follows:

·        Division 1 will be a race to 8 (maximum of 14 racks) 3pts for a win and 1pt for a draw.

·        Division 2 will be a race to 7 (maximum of 12 racks) 3pts for a win and 1pt for a draw.

·        Division 3 will be a race to 6 (maximum of 10 racks) 3pts for a win and 1pt for a draw.   

·        Division 4 will be a race to 5 (maximum of 8 racks) 3pts for a win and 1pt for a draw.

The prize money is paid out at the end of the season via places in the table and a playoff system for the top 4 or 5 players in each division.

The playoffs are also used to determine who will be division champion and second promotion place in the lower divisions.

Please note prize money will only be paid out if you have paid in full and completed a full season. There may be exception to this at organiser’s discretion. Amount of prize money will be dependent on money paid in to each division.

Finishing 1st in the division guarantees an automatic place in the playoff final and promotion in divisions 2, 3, 4.

If a division of 9 players in a division then it will be top 5 in the play offs and if a division of 8 or 7 then it will be the top 4.

The player who wins the playoffs is crowned champion for that division. The second promotion spot for divisions 2, 3, 4 will go to the player who gets to the final in the play-offs. There may be more promoted players from the play-off spots if the division above has spaces after sign ups.

The playoff quarter final and semi-final are scheduled to be played on the Tuesday 13th September after last league week and playoff final will be the Tuesday 20th September. Though is be subject to change and will be confirmed nearer the time.

Two (or three/four) players will also be relegated from each division and this will be the players in the bottom 2 (or bottom 3/4 if divisions of 11 or if reverting back to four divisions).

Entry list so far as of 27th April

Total players signed up = 32

Paid or partially paid = 32

Unpaid = 0

Players reserved from last season = 23

New/returning players = 9


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