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In-House Christmas Mini Mosconi Comp 2019

Dec 3, 2019 Keith Walkerdine

It's back for the first time in four years on Saturday 21st December. Full details & entry list can be found here.

On Saturday 21st December I will be bringing back the in-house mini mosconi comp. This is just for league and local players only.

This is a team game comp for those unfamiliar and consists of a team scotch match; scotch doubles matches and singles matches. Every player will play a minimum one of each of these.

This is just a fun tournament before Christmas, so Christmas jumpers and t-shirts are optional.

Entry fee is just £5 and to be paid by Tuesday 17th December.

Doors will open at 12pm and play start at 12.15pm. All players need to be in for 12.05pm so that each team can be drawn before we start.

Teams are drawn at random and players will be placed into three or four pots depending on which division they currently in or their ability if not a current league player.

This is open to the first 8 or 10 players to pay their entry fee.

If the game is two teams of 4 then it will be an overall race to 7 points (9 points if two teams of five). The team scotch game and scotch doubles games will be a race to 4 and the singles games a race to 5. All games alternate break.

First team to reach the overall points total wins and takes the pot.

If you would like to enter then please let me know.

This will be available to the first 8 or 10 players paid. If we get more than this interested we will need at least 16 paid players to have two separate games.

Entry list as of 3rd December

  1. Keith Walkerdine – Entry Paid
  2. Mark Morris – Entry Paid
  3. Mike Castle – Entry Paid
  4. Steve Orton – Entry Paid
  5. Julian Barber – Entry Paid
  6. Melvyn Chapman –
  7. Ian Welch –


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