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CueScore digital advertising

CueScore offers a well-defined target audience. Our visitors are active billiard players as well as people genuinely interested in the sport. Visitors to the site are from all around the world, with a predominance in Europe. is the world leading tournament management system developed for billiards.

In addition to players and audience, the users of CueScore also include tournament managers and venue owners and should be ideal if you represent the supplier side of the billiard industry.

Interscroller ad 

Combining the power of a high-impact Interstitial with an elegant scroll interaction and a user-friendly publisher placement.

The Interscroller has proven to be a low invasive ad format despite its size. This format gives high ad awareness and users tend to find it more appealing than other ad formats. Cuescore offers Interscroller exclusively. Your brand will be the only visible ad during the user-interaction. No other advertisers will affect user attention.

Contact us at to take leverage for this unique opportunity.

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Example ad

In the video below, you can see how the imaginary company "Sniper cues" would appear on a CueScore tournament page.