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Irish Blackball Association

While retaining and respecting the complete autonomy and independence of each member in the administration and running of their organisations, the aims and objectives of the southern Ireland pool federation are...

* To unite the small ball table county associations into one national association
* To cultivate mutual friendships with all other types of national and international pool organisations.
* To encourage the development of the game of Blackball Pool as a national and international sport.
* To create and determine rules and regulations for the game of Blackball
* To adopt a sports policy which is not in conflict with the continental structures of the World Pool Association, WCBS, and the IOC rules as set forth in the Olympic Charter
* To recognise the WADA Anti-Doping Code and are determined to do our upmost in order to keep pool-billiards free from any and all performance enhancing drugs, our anti-doping rules are in accordance with the
* WADA Anti-Doping Code
* We recognise the WPA as the world governing body for pool sports with regards to their association to the WCBS, IOC, GAISF, ARISF, ASOIF