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May 22, 2020

Friday Remote OPEN


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Starts May 22, 2020, 8:30 PM (local time)
Format Single elimination (0 Participants)
Race to 80
Handicap With handicap
Organizer Remote Room
More info
This variant of ball 8 is a very technical specialty because it allows you to play both ball 8 and, subsequently, following the increasing numerical order of the balls as in games of rotation such as 9 ball, 10 ball, rotation.

MATCH DISTANCE: the match can be played at a distance of 80, 100, 120 points depending on the tournament format.

BREAK: the break will be alternated between the two players. All the balls will be placed in the triangle in random order except for the 8 which must be placed in the center of the triangle and one solid and one stripes (or the opposite) at the extremes of the base of it. The player, in order to be able to continue playing after the break, must post at least one ball and not commit any foul (cue ball in the pocket, cue ball out of the table, any ball out of the table, miscuing on the white with which you do not touch the triangle).
If the break is correct (no fouls and at least one pocketed ball) the player can regularly start the 8 ball series.

8 IN BREAK: if the ball number 8 is pocketed during the break, the player will decide whether to put it on the spot or to break it again.

After a regular opening the player will take free balls all over the table and will try to pocket the group of balls he chooses and then the 8 ball.
Each ball from 1 to 7 and 9 to 15 is worth one point. The 8, if potted regularly, is worth three points. A regular 8 ball closure will therefore award 10 points to the player.

2nd PHASE ROTATION: after having pocketed the 8 ball, the player has the possibility to pot the balls of the remaining group in ascending order.
In case of a total cleaning of the table the player will get 20 points (10 for the 8 ball run out and another 10 for the run out in sequence of the remaining balls).

POINTS ATTRIBUTION IF THE MATCH DOES NOT RUN OUT: in case the player does not win one or both games, neither 8 ball nor 9 ball, to assign the score, just count the balls pocketed regularly (during the break or during the game) and, as already said, each ball is worth one point. Example of game situation: if the player regularly runs out the 8 ball (thus obtaining 10 points) and then misses the seventh ball of the remaining balls, he will have obtained 16 points (10+6). In the same way, if after having pocketed the 8 ball, the player misses the first shot of the balls to be potted in sequence and during the break a ball of the group that remains on the table has already entered, the player will get 11 points (10 of the 8 ball run out plus 1 of the ball of the remaining group pocketed during the break).
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